Dr. Carl Edwin Lindgren
306 Sycamore Street
Como, Mississippi 38619 – 1-662-426-0850 - 1-662-934-8078

Photographic Review of Exhibitions:

C.E. Lindgren
The Cossitt Gallery
Memphis, Tennessee
August 1- September 30

C.E. Lindgren's photographic portfolios, "Passing Shadows--A Southern Perspective" and "Southern Delights," attempt to convey an atypical landscape/architectural interpretation of the South--a sense of place hauntingly devoid of human life. Lindgren's South exists in spite of man and independent of his current interference.

"Shadows" communicates gloomy solitude. Outwardly simple in composition, the black and white prints, however, manifest turbulent complexity and melancholy just below the surface. "Southern Delights' provides vigorous contrast. Varied reds, vibrant greens, and voluptuous yellows intensify the moods. These too are devoid of man and leave the viewer feeling slightly disturbed and isolated.

One is aware of Lindgren's reflective pictorial style and the relationship between his works and those of early 20th century photographers such as White and Steichen. Lindgren's works, especially those in black and white, allow photographs to not only record quondam events, but also make a substantial emotional impact upon the viewer. In this exhibit, the photographer presents a naturalistic interpretation of art or pictorial photography. No manipulation (e.g. dodging, burning, or special enhancing) of the print is suggested.

In "Woody," the photographer captures more than just an abandoned building with a bullet-ridden, rusty, and deserted vehicle. The print exudes activity of a prior time--a time when the house was occupied and the car, polished proudly by her owner, awaited trips to town or Sunday church. In one of his best known pieces, "Brick Removal," the print reveals the ghost town of Pope, a small southern town of the 1880s. Lindgren's presentation of the site uses the natural play of light and shade to cast haunting, desolate shadows across the front of the abandoned structures. Buildings are crumbing, bricks are in disarray, hopes and dreams are shattered.

In "Southern Delight," prints show busy streets, buildings, and vehicles all devoid (at that split second in space and time) of the human element. They are, in fact, scenes which seem to have been suspended at mid-afternoon for decades.

Doors are propped half open. Parking lots are empty. Smoke rises from an untended garbage can. A cage vine smothered barn, a brightly painted Volkswagen bus, a glistening white courthouse, or a bay mare flipping her tail occupy a single moment.

One of the most thought-provoking prints of the exhibit is "Solutions?" In this paradoxical scene, a massive billboard overshadows a small deserted two room tenant house. On the sign is written, "Solutions--Sunburst Bank--Be Sunburst Sure." A similar statement is made in God, Beer and the War. Here, an illuminated sign in a deserted parking lot reads, "Bud--Gas $1.04--God Bless Our Troops--12 Pack Bud$."

Many of Lindgren's works echo the style of fellow Southerner William Eggleston. There are, however, striking dissimilarities. Eggleston is sometimes (in his earlier career) accused of aiming his camera haphazardly. Lindgren is accused by some of being overzealous in getting his prints just right. At times, his results are a little too structured, methodical, and mechanical.

One disconcerting yet intriguing aspect of his work is the angle from which his photographs are taken. As a "lefty" his prints proffer a perspective that causes the right-handed viewer to feel ever-so-slightly off balance. There is also the challenge of architectural distortion inherent with 35mm photography and finally his tendency (in some prints) to shoot up or down at his subjects. The techniques seem intentional and aimed at presenting an uncommon interpretation of Southern culture.

Lindgren combines his photography with a parallel existence as an educator and antiquarian. This blend has allowed him to search introspectively into what effects, culture, society, and history has on the Southern landscape-without the human element constantly in the foreground.

Perhaps the best thing to remember about Lindgren's exhibition is its ability to draw from the past while remaining solidly in the present. As William Faulkner stated, " man is himself, he is the sum of his past. There is no such thing really as was because past is."

Burl Hunt

Burl Hunt is professor emeritus of educational media (photography) at the
University of Mississippi



• 2013 - Beginning higher doctorate, College of Teachers, to meet in London on 2 April 2013 with Dr. Sage, Dean of the College of Teachers - Title "Neurophysiological and Genetical Factors relating to Gifted Children and the Genius Factor."

• 1994-1999 – University of South Africa, D.Ed. in history and comparative studies of education –
o DISSERTATION: (1999, June). A historical-comparative study of the development of the county school systems in North and South Panola, 1830-1998. Universiteit van Suid-Afrika, Pretoria, South Africa. Doctoral thesis (DEd).
o Dr. A.E. van Zyl (UNISA), Lead Faculty and Dr. Kenneth Bender (School of Education, University of Mississippi), Mentor/Second Chair;

• 1989-1993 - College of Preceptors, Fellowship (F.C.P. – eq. MPhil), a thesis of 30,000 words which embodied the "results of original ... work [in educational history] ..." – Royal Charters - Queens Victoria and Elizabeth II;

• 1989-1993 – University of Mississippi, S.Ed. in photographic chemistry/research methodology - 36 hrs. above MEd;

• 1973-1977 – University of Mississippi, M.Ed.
o History (24 hrs) / secondary education (21 hrs)
o Honors: Phi Alpha Theta; Phi Delta Kappa; Fellow, E.D.P.A. Graduate; Fellowship, Educational Dev. Project Act; Fellow, Robert A. Taft Seminar (6 weeks).

• 1970-1972 - University of Mississippi (Ole Miss), B.A.E. in Social Science (24 hours in history).

Academic Occupations:

• 2012-Present – Assessor, College of Teachers (London);

• 2012-Present – PhD Dissertation Committee Member - Trident University;

• 2010-Present – College President/Director of Education of the American College of Genealogy, Heraldry and Documentary Sciences - (Institutional Member & Accredited Centre - all programmes accredited by the College of Teachers.

Past Positions:

• 2003-2008 - Professor of Medieval and Military History at American Military University;

• 2007-2008 – Professor of Education at American Public University System (APUS) (reg./nat. accreditation);

• 2000 -2000 - University Vice President, Academic Affairs (DETC accreditation); and

• 1990-2000 - Director, Educational Consultants of Oxford (University, Mississippi) - worked with over 2000 students in 10 countries.

Educational Duties:

• Assisted in writing 500 page post-graduate curriculum for the College of Teachers in London;
• Assisted in writing 230 page certificate curriculum for the College of Teachers;
• Wrote 1000 page curriculum and instruction guide for DETC accredited history department;
• Coordinated various lecture and discussion groups in the practices, policies and issues of contemporary American higher education;
• Served/chaired on numerous dissertation committees;
• Served/chaired on numerous thesis committees;
• Taught graduate and undergraduate courses in history, curriculum development and historical education;
• Taught health education for the Department of Labor;
• Coordinated a handicap program of over 1000 students;
• Coordinated educational program for schools in India, Africa and Central Europe;
• Worked as Field Study and Internship Coordinator;
• Served as Academic Vice Chancellor of a DETC university;
• Serve as Co-founder and President of an accredited college program in genealogy, heraldry and documentary sciences;
• Coordinated services between medical facilities and head start program;
• Serve as external examiner and assessor;
• Lectured and wrote extensively;
• Taught courses in Research Methodology for CALCampus; and
• Taught courses in introduction to education, educational history, curriculum and instruction, research methodology, philosophy of education and informational technology.

Current Educational and Historical Research Interests:

• Faulknerian Landscape Photography (WIlliam Faulkner's mythical Yoknapatawpha County;
• Psychohistory;
• Educational Research Methodology;
• Comparative Scientific Pedagogics;
• Metagogiek (Education of Becoming);
• Generational Family Matrix Development;
• Genealogical Funnel Principle;
• Spatial Time Ripple Reactions and their Relation to Social Behavior; and
• Historical and Educational Development of Genetic Genealogy and the ENCODE Project

Academies & Royal Societies:

• 2013 - Academician, Académico Correspondiente, Academia Belgo-Espanola de Historia (Spain) (proposed by Alfonso de Ceballos-Escalera y Gila, Duke of Ostuni in the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, Marquess of La Floresta);

• 2012 - MRSSAf - Royal Society of South Africa (proposed by two Fellows and Membership Committee);

• 2012 - Member, Royal Photographic Society (Chapter Director, United States Atlantic Chapter) - elected as charter director by Director General Dr. M. Pritchard (and committee) at personal meeting at the Royal Society of Arts - London, 2 April 2013;

• 2012 - Euro Mediterranean Academy of Arts and Sciences (EMAAS);

• 2008 - FWAAS - World Academy of Art and Science (Proposed by Professor Ivo Šlaus - Founding President Lord John Boyd Orr);

• 2008 - FWAIS - World Association of International Studies (proposed by Founding President Dr. Ronald Hilton - Hoover Fellow) (Formerly the California Institute of International Studies - Stanford University -);

• 2001 - Academician, “Studium”- Accademia di Casale e del Monferrato per l’Arte, la Letteratura, le Scienze e le Varie Umanità fondata nel 1476 - Casale Monferrato, Italy (proposed by Dr. Prof. Pier Felice degli Uberti, Baron of Cartsburn -Scotland, Bologna, Italy) (only 50 academicians);

• 1993 - FColT (Life) - Royal College of Teachers) (Patron: His Royal Highness, The Duke of Edinburgh, K.G., K.T.);

• 1989 - FRSA - Royal Society of Arts (President: Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh (1951-2011) and Anne, Princess Royal (2011- ); and

• 1982 - FRAS - Fellow of the Royal Asiatic Society (at that time required three (3) members) for proposal membership - Met with President Prof. Robb to discuss potential co-operative schemes with the Society in the States.

• 1980 - FRAI - Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain ((originally proposed by Rosalind. Moss (noted Egyptologist and Egyptian archaeologist) and seconded by former President of the RAI Prof Eric Sunderland, MBE) - Met in London with Director Dr. David Shankland at the Institute on 3 April 2013 to discuss archaeology and anthropology in Mississippi;

Learned and Scientific Societies:

• 2013 - Hon. Member - Hellênikon Institouton Aigyptiologias / Hellenic Institute of Egyptology

• 2006 - Hon. Fellow - Life Fellow (Member of Honor), La Societe Napoleonienne Internationale (The International Napoleonic Society) - Honorary Presidents Prince Albert II of Monaco & Prince Charles Napoleon, Honorary Vice-President for French-Speaking Countries S.A. Le Prince Murat, Honorary Patron Victor André Masséna Prince d'Essling, Duc de Rivoli;

• 2000 - Life Member, Medieval Academy of America (Cambridge, M.A.).

Knighthoods and Honors for Educational Service:

• Gold Medal, Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre (TBA – April, 2013 in Birmingham, Alabama);

• Priory Vote of Thanks from the Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem;

• Knight Commander (with Star), Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem (Vatican);

• Knight Commander - Order of Prince Danilo I of Montenegro;

• Grand Cross (honorary knight), Order of St. Michael of the Wing (Duke of Braganza);

• Knight Commander (honorary), Order of the Immaculate Conception of Vila Viçosa (Duke of Braganza);

• Medal of Merit, Order of the Immaculate Conception of Vila Viçosa;

• Knight, Order of Vitez; and

• numerous university fellowships

Editorial Boards:

• 2011 - Senior Editor, ALTAIR, Journal of the American School of Genealogy, Heraldry and Documentary Sciences (University, Mississippi);

• 2011 – Editorial Board - International Review, Serbia;

• 2010 – Special Editorial Advisor – Journal of Women’s Entrepreneurship and Education – Institute of Economic Sciences, Serbia;

• 2007 – Author Status - Encyclopedia of Earth;

• 2000 – Present - EDITORIAL HISTORICAL COMMITTEE — Almanach de Bruxelles (Brussels) — The first ALMANACH DE BRUXELLES was published in 1818 as the Nouvel Almanach de Poche de Bruxelles pour 1818;

• 1993-2009 - EDITORIAL BOARD of Science Technology, the official journal of London Institute of Technology (England), History of Science section;

• 1998 BIOGRAPHY WRITER - New Dictionary of National Biography - 23 volume set Encyclopedia published by University of Oxford Press;

• 1998 BIOGRAPHY WRITER - American National Biography; and

• Over 150 articles and 4 books and booklets.


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